Here you will find everything regarding Level 2

which will consist of separate modules which are to be used in conjunction with Level 1.
Picture of the cover of the drum book Sub 5 - Grooving filling and soloing in quintuplets

Soon to be released:

Level 2 – Sub 5 – Grooving, filling and soloing in quintuplets

Level 1 add-on chapters 10 and 11

Yup, we’ve made book about playing in quintuplets. This is still a somewhat obscure part of rhythm. Strange, because most of us learn about this subdivision within the first few years of playing. Lately we have seen quite a few musicians using this feel to compose. So we think it’s about time a comprehensive method for learning this specific subdivision is made available.

Level 2 – Linear playing – Part 1

Level 1 add-on Paragraph 21

Linear playing is directly linked to melody instead of harmony because of the notes not being stacked on top of each other. But the weird thing is that most if not all methods available on the subject of linear playing are based on the principle first introduced by Mr. Gary Chaffee many years ago. This module focuses on linear playing in the most pure melodic thus musical sense. It should therefore be considered an ideal introduction to this way of playing and the ideal approach to learning how to think and feel in the required way.

Level 2 – Double bass drum – Part 1

Level 1 add-on Paragraph 22

Double bass drum – Part 1 focuses on the most widely used patterns in both grooves and fills and soloing.