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Our MIDI player or interface is webbased so everyone can use it without having to worry about the sounds. We take care of that.

The upsides to MIDI are numerous

– Lean practicing tool including a click/metronome
– Tempo is easily adjustable
– Mute/solo tracks to concentrate on playing to specific instruments or frequency ranges
– Alter the volume of the different instruments (mix)
– Alter the stereo image per instrument (balance or panning)

There are also a few downsides to web based MIDI

– You have to have a decent internet connection available in your practice room. But you already needed that to make full use of the Audio section anyway, or to look things up, to make Suggestions, to check your email in between sessions etc.
– You can’t alter the loop length or position. Yet, we’re working on it.

Let us know

We’d love to hear how you feel about our MIDI player. Especially if you have any Suggestions about it. Just be sure to read the Updates section first.