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This is where all updates for the next edition will be posted as soon as possible. So if you have a suggestion be sure to check this first to see if it hasn’t been addressed already.

Level 1 Edition 2016 Cover

General, intro and outro

  • Make middle of icon on the right go to the index. Perhaps show a home button when hovering over? Link Home button to H(omework) on the website?
  • ToC (p.3) Link to MIDI to M Index
  • Book lay out p.13 Missing "<" before Right Arrow
  • Think of a system to link to subjects more easily since it's sometimes scattered now which makes some things hard to find. (Glossary)
  • Change fonts from handwritten to something more clear?
Level 1 Edition 2016 Part 1 Grooves Cover

Part 1 - G(rooves)

  • G intro (p.15): correct some spelling and grammar.
  • G2.9.7 => F2.9.1 instead of F2.1.1
  • G3.19.2 => G2.19.2 link doesn't work
  • G6: All titles "8th note ostinato" instead of "8th notes ostinato"
Level 1 Edition 2016 Part 2 Fills Cover

Part 2 - F(ills)

  • F1.3.1b p.815 numbers 1-4: correct orchestrations
  • F1.11 p.857 Correct overlaps in notation. All of paragraphs 11 and 12. Probably some of it will be fixed when altering the font.
  • F4.2.1 p.1048 number 2: count beat 1 instead of 2
  • F4.2.2 p.1049: dito
  • F6: All titles "8th note ostinato" instead of "8th notes ostinato"
Level 1 Edition 2016 Part 3 Tips Cover

Part 3 - T(ips)

  • Tx.2 (p.1519): Add categories.
  • Tx.2 (p.1519): Play Flam instead of the backbeat and orchestrate the flam
  • T4.4 Troubleshooting 2 (p.1582): Add link to S5.1.2 before the link to C5
  • T7.4 Troubleshooting 2 (p.1643): Add link to S5.1.1 before the link to C5
  • T4.12 (p.1590): Divide the 6/4 into quarter notes for a clearer overview. This is done in many more instances. So divide and conquer πŸ™‚
Level 1 Edition 2016 Part 4 Exercises Cover

Part 4 - E(xercises)

  • E4.1 Fix stem and sticking overlaps.
  • E4.1 Add groove fill coordination exercises
  • E5.4 Link to C14/S14 (and check EX.4)
  • E6: All titles "8th note ostinato" instead of "8th notes ostinato"
  • E8.1: correct numbering
  • E8.1 Add groove fill coordination exercises and link to Nothing Compares to you A9.2
Level 1 Edition 2016 Part 5 CORE Cover

Part 5 - C(ORE)

  • C and S Parts: See if we can make it clear in the subheadings such as S5 (p.2143) which should be actual links and which shouldn't be. In this case S5.1 shouldn't be, and S5.1.1 and S5.1.2 should be.
  • C and S Parts: Check entire parts for links and activate them
  • C1.3 p.1891 Actually share the story of The Quireboys drummer Rudy Richman.. Read the story here.
  • C3.2.1 p.1907 Work instead of wrk
  • C5 p.1927 Add a page on Gladstone and Moeller. Or possibly in C21 Technique and just refer to this page in C5?
  • C14 Add more on Clave
  • C18.1 Add page 18.1
  • C21.3(1) p.2063 5. We should be very much aware of the fact that changes in balance and coordination have an effect on our technique and we should strive (practice) to minimize that effect.
  • C24.2.2 p.2103 Create hyperlinks to songs
  • C24.2.3 p.2104 dito
Level 1 Edition 2016 Part 6 Systems Cover

Part 6 - S(ystems and Formulas)

  • S1 Index p. 2109 4 drums instead of 4drums
  • S3.1.2 p.2128 Fix counting and notes overlap
  • S5.1.1 and 5.1.2 p.2144 & 2145 Add comment about also practicing these with one hand, and link to Fx.4 more clearly
  • S9 Improve opening text - proper English please..
  • S14 Add more on Clave
  • S14.1 Add clave to 2:3 and 3:2
  • S15.3 p. 2201 fix page layout - last exercise has disappeared almost entirely
  • S15 => Fix index S15.1 Building Blocks - BB2 8th notes etc.
Level 1 Edition 2016 Part 7 AudIo Cover

Part 7 - A(udio)

  • Index - A3.19 => A5.13
  • A1.10 Karma Chameleon - Quarter notes. Add comment that's it's a good workout to play 8th notes. And try this with LH lead.
  • A4.15 Love don't cost - Remove hihat on beat 4
  • A4.15 Add Precious Things - Tori Amos (Drums by Matt Chamberlain)
  • A5.2 Fix indent text
  • A5.9 Text Note 2: "to" => "so"
  • A5.20 Dance into the Light: snares on quarter notes! Oops..
  • A6: All titles "8th note ostinato" instead of "8th notes ostinato"
  • A6.1: links left and right don't work
  • A6.1: correct text (Iris instead of Stop)
  • A7.19.2 => Exercise number 4 correct title, and text number 4 "drums" instead of "drum by"
  • A6.1 => Link to M6.1 not M5.20.2
  • Audio list alphabetical added
  • Links which work no longer: A4.1 Who's that girl, A4.2 Torn
  • Lots of new audio
Level 1 Edition 2016 Part 8 MIDI Cover

Part 8 - M(IDI)

  • All MIDI links in Level 1 to https://
  • M index p.2358: M2.1.1 => M2.1
  • M1.10 Add Walking on sunshine because of the tempo
  • M6.1 p.2399 Content: ".. most famous songs .."
  • MCS index p.2434: MCS13 Reading - page with links to specific pages in S
  • MCS links general: more specific in CORE and S
  • MCS22.1.2 Tempo interval training
  • Lots of new MIDI
SDB MIDI Intereface

MIDI - The player

  • Optimize interface visually
  • *Remove beat skipping in count off
  • *Fix bass notes not ending
  • *Fix last notes of the loop not ending
  • Improve default mix
  • Improve patch routing to correct instruments

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